About Me

First and foremost I would describe myself as a mother. My son has become my number one priority and he has taught me so much in the past three years. I could never comprehend when someone said “you will experience a type of love you have never had before” and it really is true.

Simple gestures that melt your heart!

Simple gestures that melt your heart!

I am a very simple person. When I say this, I mean that I work hard and don’t need attention, praise, etc. I like to get the job done and do it well! I am easy to get along with ( I think, I hope!).  Simple foods and simple gestures make me happy. I am a very quiet person and sometimes awkward in big group setting. I am an observer but I tend to think that it is even a greater strength (at times) than being in the midst of the conversations.

If I were to sum myself up to people I usually say that I am an athlete at heart. I always have been and always will be! In elementary school you would have never found me sitting around at recess or lunch. I was always out on the field playing something with the boys getting dirty and getting holes in the knees of my pants. Sports seemed to come very easy to me and when they were challenging I got competitive because I wanted to be the best. This is not always beneficial as I can be my own worst enemy. Now my years of being stubborn and ignoring aches and pains have caught up to me.  My old knees don’t allow me to play the same as I once did but if I were to get into a competitive atmosphere, the old instincts come out.

One of my passions in life has been coaching. I started coaching because I loved the atmosphere, I had knowledge for the game and I loved kids. During high school I had always wanted to become a Physical Education (PE) teacher. As I started to coach I realized that PE was my passion and I didn’t want to loose that if I started doing it all the time so I chose elementary education instead. I am very happy that I went into teaching. However, the one aspect I was not that drawn to was the instability of being a teacher on call. As much as I hate to admit it I desired a constant, stable paycheck. I had a part time opportunity to work at Thompson Rivers University and I thought why not take it when I had nothing full time anyway. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did!